About CEA Water


What is CEA?

CEA is the short form of Cellular Energy Activator.



What is viscous blood? What are its hazards?

When blood viscosity increases, blood circulation will become slower, reducing oxygen and nutrient supply to tissues. In particular, red blood cells will age and harden, aggregating together to further elevate blood viscosity and causing blood coagulation, blood clots and embolism. End results – an ischemic heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Cellular Energy Activated (CEA) Water, with 400 times lower viscosity than ordinary water, penetrates cells in 30 minutes to dilute the blood and increase blood flow. At the same time, makes absorption 3 times faster, effectively elevating water content in cells as well as intercellular communication efficiency, thereby improving blood viscosity and the circulatory system.



Is there any difference between First Element Cellular Energy Activator and water purifiers?

Water purifiers only deal with the cleanliness of water, which has to pass through a machine, but the First Element Cellular Energy Activator activates drinking fluids (water, drinks, oil, beverages etc.) without having to come into direct contact with them.



Can I drink CEA Water every day?

We suggest drinking it every day (6-10 glasses). However, the elderly and people with health issues should start with 500-600ml daily and increase the amount gradually. There may be some early reactions such as shortness of breath, labored breathing, emotional swings, temporary hypertension, heaviness in the head, dizziness, diarrhea, and vomiting. Positive effects are heightened energy and one falls asleep faster, better sleep patterns. Negative responses will improve over time. Meanwhile, one should continue taking existing medications and thereafter seek doctors’ advice on dosage reduction after showing health related improvements.



If we drink CEA Water in the absence of sickness, how can we tell if it is effective?

Every user feels that drinking CEA Water long-term makes them more energetic and enjoys better vitality.


Does CEA Water contain minerals?

The water source determines the types of minerals in the water. If you activate mineral water, the activated water will of course be full of minerals.



Is it okay to freeze or heat up CEA Water?

Yes, by all means.



What should we avoid when we operate the First Element Cellular Energy Activator?

Avoid metallic things while you are operating the First Element Cellular Energy Activator, and stay away from anything that emits high electromagnetic radiation (e.g. microwaves, induction cookers etc.).



What are the special requirements on containers when we use the First Element Cellular Energy Activator?

Never use metallic containers with CEA Water. Store it in porcelain, glass and high quality plastic containers instead. If you must use a metallic container, use it for temporary storage only.



Is CEA Water good for the face and the skin?

CEA Water helps to enhance intercellular communication and hydration of the skin tissue, keeping it moist and supple all the time.



Can CEA Water improve constipation?

CEA Water can neutralize various acidic toxins, increase oxygen content, exhibit high dissolution power to dissolve and expel obstinate stool. Drinking 2-3 glasses of cold cellular energy water when you get up in the morning can promote bowel movement, forcing retained feces into the rectum and improving constipation.


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